NerdSync is a YouTube show hosted by Scott Niswander that uses comics, superheroes, and other nerdy pop culture to teach viewers about real-world history, philosophy, science, culture, and art!

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Hey, you wonderful nerd! I'm Scott. Here's my story...

I was a terrible student in school and eventually failed out of college, but I discovered that I actually love learning! History, philosophy, science, culture — you name it! I just needed to learn through a topic I was already passionate about. So I turned to superheroes!


I LOVE SUPERHEROES! The powers, the costumes, what they can represent, all of it! Now I make videos that analyze comics & superheroes to teach about bigger, broader topics in the real world! The goal is twofold:


  • Show that superhero stories can be deep and complex.

  • Show that learning can be exciting when done so through a fun subject matter.


This year, I'm expanding the channel to make video essays about other topics like cartoons, Bob Ross, and Dungeons & Dragons! Subscribe on YouTube to read between the panels and grow smarter through comics and other nerdy topics!

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